Friday, May 27, 2011

Article on

The folks at BeadStyle Magazine were kind enough to mention Mike and his absence in their most recent issue.  Also, they posted an article about Mike and his accomplishments in the bead world on their website.  Thanks BeadStyle Magazine!



  1. Hi Mike,
    How are you doing? I found out about you through the reference from BeadStyle Mag and I was highly impressed by Sara's heartfelt piece.
    I hope you are doing much better now and can now design new beads for the world.
    I feel a bond with you, more because we were born on the same day. I know I will strive harder to fight all the forces stiffling my creativity, now that I have you to look up to [you not only made one-of-a-kind bead jewelry, you designed new products for beaders worldwide!].
    Thank you for blessing us - You shall live long to enjoy the fruits of your labor in Jesus name, Amen.