Friday, May 20, 2011

An update

May 20, 2011

I recently spoke with Mike. He wanted me to update you on his progress. He is still doing a tremendous amount of therapy. Currently, he is able to stand practically on his own for a few minutes at a time. This has shown that he can bear his own weight, which is wonderful. He has also been able to sit up on the side of the bed, all on his own, for nearly 30 minutes. He is slowly regaining his sense of balance. Mike can manipulate his fingers to some extent, but still is not able to type. His biggest frustration continues to be his inability to bead, but being able to regain some movement in his hands has given him hope that there is still room for improvement. It is important to note, everyday seems to hold its own unique set of challenges and Mike has been in and out of the hospital several times. Anyone who has had this type of injury or knows someone with a similar injury can understand that the recovery is long and difficult.

Mike would like to thank all of you who have sent him cards, letters and messages. It really helps to know that so many people care and support him on this journey.



  1. Love the new photo of you, Mike! :)

  2. Mike, I'm so happy to hear about your improvements - yaay you! Can't wait to see you and Scott next week! xoxo

  3. Mike!

    You look fantastic!

    Stay strong and keep getting better. You are in my thoughts, buddy.

  4. I hope you continue to get better! Take care of yourself.

  5. Was soooooooooooooo great to see you and Scott last week! You both looked really, really good. Hope to see you guys again around BABE in November!

  6. Great to see an update and know that you have literally thousands of people around the world pulling for your full recovery, Mike. I'm sending love, hugs and healing wishes!


  7. You're looking great, Mike! So good to see your smiling face. Think of you so much, sending you good thoughts for strength and patience. Much much love! -Jean

  8. Mike! It's so nice to see a new photo of you, you look great and I'm really happy to hear of all the new improvements. Lots of love and best of wishes from me and the family. xoxo

  9. Mike, I didn't know that you were injured. I was so glad that Sara posted a link to your blog on Facebook, where I saw it. I'e got it bookmarked so I can keep tabs on you. Much love,
    Kate McKinnon

  10. Mike and Scott, you're both in my thoughts every day. Mike, I love the new photo. I've been making lots of fantasy shell beads and will save some for you. Really love and miss you guys.

  11. Way to go, Mike! I'm so glad you are seeing some improvement. You keep up the good work on your end and the rest of us will keep sending positive thoughts in your direction to help you along as best we can.

    No worries about the'll get there, I just know it! Keep the focus.


  12. mike, you are looking great...that smile is a killer! the beading will come, you start with the biggies, then gradual down to 6, then 8's my personal favorites...and i should mention crochet hooks come in very managable sizes, if you want hand dextarity...worked for me after the accident and surgery on my hands. we'll talk.... aim for babe! i would love to see you. pat

  13. Mike you are looking fabulous & I just know that you will regain the use of your hands so you can continue to make lovely pieces of art.

  14. I just saw the post on FaceBook about your spinal cord injury. I am so sorry to hear about this! It is good to know you are making good progress. Continue the good work and I along with all your bead show friends will continue the encouragement. I'll miss your happy face at B&B!
    All the best!
    Jeannette Cook, BeadyEyedWomen®

  15. Mike, so happy to hear an update on how you are doing...Matt and I miss you and Scott so very much. Glad to hear that you are inproving each day...soon you will get those hands busy again making those "big bead" necklaces that I loved so much! You look wonderful in this picture, it is so good to see your smile! You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Love always and thanks for being such a good friend for so many years! DEE, Matt and Pat

  16. Hi Mike ~ wishing you a full recovery and hope your journey towards it won't be too difficult. I've not met you in person but from my experience with your company and your group of wonderful people at Soft Flex I know you are one of those people that makes a difference :-) So here's to you being well! Diana Shiraishi

  17. Don't EVER give up Mike. I'm 8 years out and STILL making improvements. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Regina R. Malone
    Regina Rose Designs

  18. Dear Mike,

    I was severely crushed in 2005 by one of my patients at the nursing home that I was working at. I too was very sad when I could not bead. Which I truly love to do. It took 6 operations on my shoulders and neck to get almost back to normal for what I have sustained. I want you to know that I am praying for your full recovery. It took a lot of hard work by my reflexologist
    Ross Scott 360-424-0120 in helping me to gain my strength back. I love Soft Flex and use it in all of my jewelry creations because it is a quality product. We are too. Our bodies have amazing healing abilities when we allow our minds to re-member what it is like to be whole.

    Blessings with Love & Light,
    Lisa Bull

  19. Mike,

    Although I'm sure you don't remember me, I've met you and Scott at several bead shows in Philadelphia and Massachusetts. Due to spinal cord compression at several levels of my back, I need a wheelchair at shows, which isn't ideal for looking at things on high tables. You've always been kind to me, and helpful when I couldn't reach or see the things I wanted to look at. Not all vendors at shows are so helpful; some regard people in wheelchairs as an annoyance, or they just ignore you in favor of people who are at their eye level. I'm so sorry to hear of your injury, but I truly believe that your past kindness to people like me will give you the "karmic edge" when it comes to your recovery. I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you again at bead shows in the future.


  20. Mike - I am so sorry to hear about your injury, although I have to say I also find your recovery to be heartening.

    Fifteen years ago I sustained a serious back injury while lifting a severely obese patient. (I was a paramedic.) It has been a very long road - full of lessons (I didn't necessarily want to learn) and "aha!" moments (which I continue to think I could probably have done without). As I continue to work my way through the struggles and triumphs, my journey has become less about my back and more about me as an individual. There continue to be times I am "forced" to learn lessons I don't really think I need...but after looking back )and cajoling myself lol) I can see how much those lessons have improved the person I am.

    I know things can seem dark...and it can feel like your life has come to a standstill while everyone else moves forward - but never allow yourself to forget that you are moving forward, too. Just on a different path. Not better. Not worse. Just different. You are both building and revealing strength others will never fully comprehend. Whether others notice it or not, *you* will know.

    Lean on those who care about you and take advantage of the help that is offered - while still striking a balance between accepting the help and kindness of others - and - stretching your own wings, reaching to fulfill your own goals. Nothing ever feels as good as something you have worked hard to accomplish yourself.

    You're an amazing person. You're already making astounding progress. You are much more than your injury...and I appreciate you continuing to share yourself with us. I will keep dropping by to check in on you - I'm glad you're a part of our beading/jewelry community. You have added so much to the realm - and I sincerely hope you are back to beading quickly. You're in my thoughts and prayers!